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Heaven Peppermint Clarifying Hydrogel 10ml (Travel Size)

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Quick Overview


Excellent for balancing oil secretions
Refines pores and balances pH level of skin
Restores optimum moisture levels in your skin
Leaves your skin smooth, soft and refreshed
Increases circulation leaving skin clear with a luminous radiance
Everything a toner does and much more...
Self healing hydrogels consist of a cross link network of organic
polomer style molecules, these net like structures calm, soothes
and firms skin tissue and delivers vital skin nutrient and hydration.

Benefits (What the product does to the clients skin);
Smooth, shine free skin. No open pores.

Skin type; Suitable for all skin types. For oily skin and normal/sallow (pale) skin.

Why would you want to buy this?; Refreshing, oil free skin, without drying. Helps morning sickness. Can be used throughout pregnancy.

Contra-indications; There are no known contraindications.

Emotion; Bright, clear thoughts.

How to use

Use as a spritz or use after cleaning with Hydro Cleansing Milk or the Limited Edition Cleansing Milk, if skin is dry.
Peppermint Clarifying Hydrogel:
Apply after cleansing on cotton wool or Ellajane Wipes or use as a primer before foundation.

Heaven Peppermint Clarifying Hydrogel 10ml (Travel Size)


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