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Heaven Overnight Success Oxygen Cream 50ml

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Quick Overview


•Bi-octal a cream which works at night when releasing oxygen. When little is in the air and day releases co2 when more h2o is in the air. Making skin younger.
• Anti-ageing
• Helps repair damaged skin
• Helps to plump up fine lines and wrinkles
• Increase elasticity and collagen production within your skin
• Contains oxygen and carbon dioxide which fizzes on your skin when applied, which detoxifies your skin whilst you sleep and leaves your skin feeling like velvet
• Releases oxygen in the skin
• Repairs damaged skins
• Will keep blemishes and acne away but does not treat it
• Skin will look younger with more clarity
• Helps rosacea
• Go to bed with blotchy dry skin lacking in oxygen, wake up to brand new clear moisturised skin
• Unbelievable results
• Works when less oxygen is in the air for 8 hours
• Use on hot days to oxygenate your skin to perfection
• Blemishes too are helped

Skin perfection, is what clients will say. Clients will not have patches of high or low colour just even firm skin.

Skin type; All skin types. Anti-ageing. Rosacea.

Chamomile desensitising Lotion (Rosacea) and then follow with a Bee Venom Eyes and mask.

Why would you want to buy this?; This product is for clients serious about achieving the best skin they can have.

Contra-indications; There are no known contraindications.

Emotion; Loss, Grief. New life beginning and secure.

How to use

Use night after Limited Edition Cleanser, Skin Polish Exfoliator, Orange Flower Cell Renewal (anti-ageing)
Overnight Success Oxygen Cream:
Apply after cleansing at night. N.b. Can be used around the eyes.

Heaven Overnight Success Oxygen Cream 50ml

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Heaven Overnight Success Oxygen Cream 50ml